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How Much is the Safety of your Identity Worth? Potentially Everything

While "everything" is admittedly dramatic, it is intentionally dramatic with the hope of grabbing your attention. After all, we are competing for your time in the midst of a sea of other mediums which do nothing but specialize in channeling communication to you. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) movement propels targeted, creative, credible contact to new levels we are just beginning to understand.

Was that email real or what it phishing? Why are devices listening to what you say despite your best efforts to block Alexa, Google, Siri, etc.? Was that my real voice or was it my avatar’s voice? Is that call to help your grandchildren authentic or is it a scammer tugging at your heart? (After all, it really was their voice on the phone and they sounded scared). How much was the ransomware request?!

Here are some basic guidelines to review to make sure you are doing everything you can to protect your identity and your personal information.  Stay safe out there.