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Estate Planning - Even the Famous Can't Escape It

“Even though I have a big presentation to give at work tomorrow, it’s my mother’s birthday, and I promised to coach my daughter’s soccer practice tonight, I think I’d really like to take a top-down look at my overall estate plan today,said no one ever!!  October 17-23 is National Estate Planning Awareness Week. While that may not sound terribly exciting, it is vitally important for reasons that include honoring your wishes, as well as ease for your remaining family members, executor or executrix, guardians, etc.  It is one of the last "gifts" you will be able to give in an earthly way at least.

You are not alone if you haven't tackled (and re-tackled) this opportunity.  Some famous people didn't get there either.  We encourage you to reach out if you'd like to begin or update these documents for yourselves!