Whom We Serve:  Age-and-Stage Tailored Advice

Retirees, Mid Career Professionals, Young Professionals


Retirees or Near Retirees

You made it. You are wiser now than ever before and are ready to redirect some of your energy to a different focus. This is an ideal time to reflect upon your goals and to reconcile them with your financial position. Typical questions during this period include: Should I downsize my home? What about a second home? How much can I travel? What about my philanthropic goals? How will my health and healthcare costs affect my retirement years? How can I best support my family and legacy? How will I spend my time? What is the optimum strategy for maximizing social security? Are my estate documents (legal and ethical) in good order? Few of these are simple questions – we can help provide objective numbers, plans and options as you set the stage for these rewarding years.

Mid Career Professionals

When did life get so complicated? Mid-career years are typically decorated with a variety of consequences (good and possibly some less good) of choices and circumstances from our earlier years. You may be balancing career opportunities, children and parents needing assistance. Most characteristic of these years is the fact that there seems to be a lack of time to address it all. Are you wondering when you might be able to reach your years of financial freedom? Are you balancing near-term goals, children's education, mortgage(s), asset protection, your health, tax efficiencies and investments to your best advantage? Will your family be in good stead long-term? Knowledge is power. We can help you answer these questions, create a plan and execute that plan with you while you are off attending to the activities of these incredibly busy and rewarding decades.

Young Professionals

You are off and running! You have worked hard to receive the education and training necessary to begin your chosen career. Now that you're embarking on this journey and (finally) receiving compensation for your efforts, it's time to focus on developing a road map to prioritize and stay accountable to your financial goals. For many, simply defining financial goals is a thoughtful exercise, and perhaps you are now jointly doing so with a partner and family in mind. Are you challenged with the balancing act of saving for the future, paying down student loans or simply having fun now? Are you wondering if you should rent or buy a home? What about Roth 401(k)s and Roth IRAs, life insurance, or advanced degrees? This is a busy, exciting and important time of life to make wise decisions to secure your financial future. You won't get a second chance to make sound decisions now that will provide you with more freedom and opportunities for the rest of your life. We can provide objective guidance for your decisions as you manage your cash flow, debt management, goal planning and investments.