Process, Pricing, What to Expect from Us, Tenets of Service and Regulatory Disclosures

What to expect from your Financial Advisor


How Can We Help?  This first step, often via an introductory phone conversation, helps us understand how we might be able to be of service to you.  If we aren't the right advisor for you, we will help you find a resource that might better suit your needs.

Let's Get to Know Each Other:  This complimentary discovery meeting (physical or virtual) is an opportunity for us to learn more about one another.  We'll answer your questions honestly and openly, together explore our service options and investment philosophy, and construct a high-level picture of your financial position.  During these initial meeting(s), we'll continue to learn about one another until we feel confident jointly to move ahead.

Let's Get Organized:  We've decided to partner together and now it's time to further roll up our sleeves. We'll gather information about you, your goals, resources, tax profile and risk tolerance, assimilate that all into a cohesive system for running projections and "what if scenarios", consolidate accounts and provide single sign-on access to our Client Portal for your access anytime.

Design Your Baseline Plan: Together, we'll explore how to optimize your resources and goals, create a baseline financial plan, and design a model that will govern how we manage your investable assets.  These constructs create a foundation from which we can monitor, measure and adjust your plan as you evolve and "life happens".

Core Ongoing Services:  With the initial onboarding complete, we will transition our services into recurring processes that will help you execute and adjust your plan.  These processes include:

  • At the center of ongoing management is a comprehensive Annual Plan Update to update, review, adjust and monitor your progression towards your goals
  • Ongoing, discretionary Investment Management for Managed Account(s)
  • Managed Account(s) titling and beneficiary designation review
  • Review of ERISA Accounts: Jointly, we will review your workplace retirement accounts such as a 401(k), 457, or 403(b) to confirm or recommend changes to your investment selections, beneficiary designations and your contribution amounts and types (pre-tax or Roth)
  • Our Gold Service Level additionally includes:
    • In coordination with your tax professional(s), the incorporation of tax-efficient strategies (if applicable) such as asset location, rebalancing, tax-deferred and tax-free savings opportunities, tax-loss harvesting, Roth conversions, Required Minimum  Distribution(s), Donor Advised Funds and Gifting of Appreciated Securities, and Education Planning (529 plans).
    • An Estate Plan Review, or recommendation to update or create a set of estate documents by an Estate Attorney. 
    • A review of Client Insurance Coverage Needs (risk mitigation) to include life, disability, and umbrella
  • Our Platinum Service Level additionally may include Special Situation Support as appropriate, and in conjunction with your other Advisors:
    • Coordinated semi-annual tax planning meetings as requested
    • Cash-flow
    • Financing and Collateral Lending Programs
    • Employee equity strategies
    • Employee contract review and benefit analysis
    • Business owner equity strategies to include exit strategies planning
    • Estate plan creation or revision with consideration to tax optimization, wealth transfer, intergenerational planning, risk mitigation
    • Specific decision analysis (buy or lease? second homes, paying off mortgages etc.)
    • Philanthropic endeavors
    • Divorce support by way of assistance with Qualified Domestic Relation Order(s)
    • Non-Standard Investment Asset Review


We offer two service levels designed to meet client's needs at a cost that is commensurate with financial age, stage, needs and complexity.

Our Gold Client Service Level is offered at $3,600 - $6,999 annually for Financial Planning combined with a .45% of Assets Under Management (AUM) Investment Management charge.  Managed Account(s)  do not include real property, Health Savings Accounts, ERISA accounts, 529s and Non-Managed Cash Accounts).  Fees are charged quarterly in arrears; investment fees are calculated on the value of assets in directly Managed Account(s) on the last day of the quarter.

Our Platinum Client Service Level is offered starting at $7,000 annually for Financial Planning combined with a .45% of Assets Under Management (AUM) Investment Management charge.  Managed Account(s)  do not include real property, Health Savings Accounts, ERISA accounts, 529s and Non-Managed Cash Accounts).  Fees are charged quarterly in arrears; investment fees are calculated on the value of assets in directly Managed Account(s) on the last day of the quarter.

What You Can Expect from Us

  • To make good on our mission of guiding you along the journey of Planning for a Life Well-Lived™, we must begin with the end in mind. To that end, we'll encourage you to be thoughtful about your goal planning in the beginning as well as along the way.
  • We are available as “life happens” events occur. One of our strongest desires is to know our clients well so that we have the knowledge and tools readily available to assist when opportunities or challenges present themselves.
  • We are flexible in both the timing of when we are available and methods of communication to make meeting participation and communication convenient for you.
  • We typically return phone calls or emails within 24 hours.
  • We take the responsibility for the security and privacy of your information seriously. We provide systems that allow for secure communication and encourage you to embrace them.
  • We love what we do and take pride in doing the best job possible.
  • We earn our fees only by those you pay to us directly. We receive no compensation from any other source, eliminating the inherent conflict of interest associated with product sales.
  • We are committed to helping you make important life choices regarding your most precious resources: time, your own human capital (potential), and the economic opportunities those resources afford. 

Six Tenets of our Services

Organization: We'll provide a framework for life simplification and simplified decision-making so that you can spend more time doing the things that you love.

Accountability/Discipline:  We'll gently encourage you stay accountable to your best intentions in the midst of opportunities, challenges and steady-state.

Objectivity: As Fee-OnlyTM advisors, we'll help protect you from yourself by guiding you to think through the emotional vs (financially) technical components of big decisions, and do so without the conflict of interest associated with product sales.

Pro-Activity:  We'll work with you to anticipate your life transitions and stand-by ready to assist when unexpected "life happens" events inevitably occur.

Education: We stay deeply committed to our own continuing education, we'll educate you on the "equations" and "emotions" components of your decisions, and we are wise enough to seek outside guidance when we don't know the answers.

Partnership: We'll work to earn your trust, we'll take time to really get to know you, and we'll work to build a collaborative relationship that helps you achieve your best life possible.

Privacy Policy and Disclosure Statements

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