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Business Owners, Medical Professionals and Independent Women

Medical Professionals, Business Owners, Independent Women

We are credentialed, experienced and passionate. And, we know your world.

Medical Professionals

There's a reason why you are so good at what you do. You've dedicated years of your life and resources to education, residency and research. You've learned through your own experiences and from those of the most innovative leaders that have come before you. You push yourself for excellence in the spirit of helping others. The result of that level of specialization and dedication is precisely what you can expect from us as we guide you to create and execute a financial plan that will help you achieve all that you envision. We are credentialed, experienced and passionate about helping medical professionals reach their goals and attain financial freedom.  Do you have questions about student loan repayment, disability insurance (overall asset protection), tax strategies, creating a defined contribution plan for your practice, starting, joining or selling a practice? How do you turn your well-deserved income into wealth? We can help - our fee structure is designed to meet you where you're at - from residency to retirement.


Business Owners

You have chosen a path of higher risk and reward. You have likely experienced invaluable lessons along the way and are not afraid to continue to learn. Your perseverance sets you apart. As a strategic thinker, you may have questions about your personal financial goals and how they interact with your business goals and equity position. How can you best manage tax efficiencies via the entity type of your business? What is your exit strategy? Will your own goals be on track regardless of the path of the business? Considerations such as asset protection, business continuity, exit strategies and the potential for concentration risk require more advanced planning for you as an entrepreneur. As business owners ourselves, we have walked the same path in addition to helping others do the same.

Independent Women

You have distinct financial realities and opportunities. You will likely live longer, spend more years in retirement, and are more likely to take time out of the workforce to tend to your loved ones. You work to achieve balance and seek to achieve a greater good in our communities. Regardless of your marital status, if you have questions such as: Will I be OK if I were to be/am on my own? How can I best provide for and protect my children? How can I achieve financial freedom? How can I learn about and be confident investing? We understand these questions and answer them everyday - even in our own lives.