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  • Starship Medicine

    Technology's Impact on the Future of Medicine, Your Profession, Your Health...and Possibly Your Wealth?As we continue to partner with the medical community by assisting doctors and dentists with developing sound financial plans, we strive to stay abreast of trending topics in the medical industry.  We find the possibilities for the advancement of patient care to be particularly interesting, and it is easy to see that these developments will lead to an industry paradigm shift (perpetuall...  Read More...

  • Education Funding - There's More to the (Authentic) Discussion Than Meets the Eye

    Chances are, you or someone you know is saving for college, has a student applying to college, is in college, or is paying student loans from college. Some of us get to check off more than one of those items!  We hope this article provides some perspective on this significant and complex part of most of our financial lives.   Read More...

  • Attention Residents, Fellows and Attendings - A Primer on Student Loan Repayment

    IBR, PSLF, PAYE, REPAY, Loan Consolidation, Federal Loans, Private Loans, Rates and Tax Deductibility -  this is a complicated but important conversation.   On top of that, the rules are changing as are the lenders by offering new financing configurations.  And, of course, the right answer for you is specific to your circumstances. In residency or upon graduation, you have a lot of moving parts as you navigate your career.  For many medical professionals, student lo...  Read More...

  • Welcome to Your 2016 Tax Season - Qualified Account Contributions

    Getting Started with this Important Piece of your Financial Puzzle…Once Again! Welcome to the beginning of a new tax season! While it may not be your favorite topic, taxes are an important aspect of our responsibility as citizens. Fulfilling that responsibility as prudently as possible is best accomplished by great teamwork among you, your Financial Advisor and your Tax Preparer.As you participate in the annual scramble to pull together requisite data to provide to tax preparers (or ...  Read More...

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401(k) Resource Center

You and Your 401(k) Retirement Plan

Your 401(k) is a key element of your overall financial plan. Importantly, it enables you to ‘pay yourself first’ by making contribution elections to fund your retirement and other goals directly from your paycheck.


  • Decide ‘Roth’ vs. ‘Traditional’ contributions –Traditional 401(k) contributions are made with pre-tax dollars – defers taxes on your contribution and gains until you withdraw funds. ‘Roth’ contributions are made with post-tax dollars – you pay the taxes on your contribution now but pay no tax when you withdraw your contribution or the gains (providing you are at least 59 ½ at the time of withdrawal).
  • Determine your Risk Tolerance - Important factors to consider in assessing your risk tolerance include your goals, your investment time horizon, and your current financial situation. The Investor Profile and Asset Allocation Calculator can help with assessing your risk tolerance and indicate an asset allocation suitable for you.
  • Select Funds for your Asset Allocation. From the fund menu, select and assign percentages to funds in the asset classes which best support your situation. Provided are two approaches:
  • A ‘basic’ core strategy with a limited number of funds which contain multiple asset classes and providing exposure to the bulk of the world’s capital markets.
  • An ‘advanced’ core and satellite strategy delineating a more robust selection of fund choices per asset class.
  • Ensure your beneficiary designations support your estate plan – failure to do so may undermine the estate plan you’ve worked out with your estate planning attorney. Consider checking with your attorney for direction.

Planning and Investing Basics

Planning and Investing: Digging Deeper